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World Class In Room Solutions For Premium Hotels: JVD Products India

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

JVD White & Black Logo

A few companies have really stood out in the fast-paced world of innovation and progress. Since its inception in 1984, JVD has been one such company, a symbol of excellence and creativity. Let us take a fascinating ride through the milestones that made JVD one of the leading hospitality equipment companies in the world.

JVD Products India

We are distributor, supplier, and dealer of JVD Minibars, Electric Kettles, Hair Dryers, and Shaving Mirrors in India. JVD in room amenities supplier in India. It has built a trust in India among premium hotels for their complete in room and cleaning equipment solutions.

JVD's Wide Range of Products

1) Hotel Equipment: JVD offers an extensive range of hotel equipment, including:

2) Hygiene Equipment: Explore JVD's cutting-edge hygiene equipment, such as:

JVD Hygiene White Soap Dispenser & White Paper Dispenser
JVD Hygiene White Soap Dispenser & White Paper Dispenser

3) Professional Air Purifiers: Discover enhanced air purifiers with JVD's Shield series, including:

  1. Shield Compact

  2. Shield Care

  3. Press

4) Hygiaconnect: Unlock the future of hygiene management & smart cleaning with JVD’S Hygiaconnect. Some of the use cases show the various aspects of Hygiaconnect.

JVD Hygiaconnect Hygiene & Sanitation
JVD Hygiaconnect Hygiene & Sanitation

Why Choose JVD

JVD Hotel Room View

  • The benchmark on quality of service is redefined by the seamless unification of hygiene and hospitality.

  • JVD Hospitality Solutions India.

  • In embracing the Smart Cleaning era, by introducing innovative technology to increase levels of hygiene, efficiency, and convenience.

  • The impact, which touches the lives of millions every day and integrates into a number of different settings, spans over 100 countries.

  • A commitment to environmental responsibility through eco-design initiatives and local partnerships.

  • Products that contribute to well-being through well-maintained environments and a focus on user satisfaction.

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Embrace the Future with JVD

JVD will continue its commitment to transforming the hospitality landscape in a world of increased expectations. Together, let's embrace the future that reimagines sanitation, boosts well-being, and promotes innovation. Join to shape a world where hospitality, hygiene, and wellness converge in a seamless way, reflecting the fundamental values of care and innovation. Enter a new and transformative era in which excellence is the norm, all interactions speak of JVD's commitment to providing superior hospitality solutions. In view of its position as a trusted supplier of hotel amenities, JVD is ready to offer luxury accommodation supplies and premium hotel products which will set new benchmarks in the B2B hotel supply sector. Experience the essence of a 5-star hotel with JVD's range of innovative products, carefully sourced from JVD India.

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