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Dialing a Number


  • What is Prockured ?
    Prockured is a B2B hospitality sourcing platform which facilitates buying and selling process of horeca owners and vendors.
  • Who can use Prockured ?
    All the restaurant, hotel, cafe, qsr, cloud kitchen and catering businesses who has regular procurement process going on and any supplier or vendor who sells to these businesses. Everyone can optimize their purchase and supply chain through us.
  • In how many cities Prockured is live ?
    We have a network in 70+ cities in India spread across in the major parts of the country.
  • How you need to filter vendors as per your requirements ?
    Don't worry Prockured is here to sort your requirements as per the specific vendors for the same and we distribute your requirements to the large pool of same category vendors.
  • How to get onboarded with us ?
    Just shoot us an email on . Our team will connect with you in 24hrs.
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